What Ian (claims he) is working on

So what am I working on now? (and why am I asking you?!)

I have too many novels in progress at one lowly stage or another at the moment (for certain constrained definitions of 'in progress' and 'at the moment'). The most advanced (for certain constrained definitions of 'advanced') of these are:

  • Kidnapped re-written for the modern age
  • Pride and Prejudice rewritten for the modern age
  • An old, old hand-written, but complete novel I did some time ago - a murder mystery which needs to be digitized (not the same as giving it the finger) and updated
  • An old, old hand-written, but very nearly complete novel I did some time ago - a sci-fi story, likewise
  • A novel about Cleopatra when she was a girl of middle-grade age. At the moment this is next on my list.
  • The next rat book for young kids. I'm tinkering with the idea of putting one out for April 1st, but I am not optimistic. On the other hand, a pessimist is never disappointed!
  • Another novel rooted in Jane Austen's work, which I've been thinking about. The novel that is, not Jane Austen's work. Well, yeah, I've been thinking about that too!

  • QuĂ© is a LGBTQIA novel set in the same time period as Femarine, but in a different nation in Temmeland.
  • Possible pair of novels, very loosely connected, about magic. While I am hoping to get to the above projects this yearm, this one not so much!
  • Possible pair of novels, closely connected, about a detective and her twin sister - again not this year, but on my mind.

What I'm actually working on right now is a middle-grade novel set in the same world (Terrene) as Cloudfighters, but with a different cast of young girls with magical powers. No, Cleopatra isn't one of them! I've conceived of a third novel in this world, again with different characters, but have done no work on that yet.

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